Jim Miller deals much bigger Gleison Tibau a loss at UFN 22

Steve Cofield
September 16, 2010

Jim Miller's been called midget by a previous opponent and he was facing a giant of the lightweight division in Gleison Tibau, but challengers are quickly learning that the little guy has plenty of fight in him. Miller consistently found a home for his straight left and avoided staying on the ground against Tibau, an excellent ground and pounder. In a good back-and-forth fight, Miller picked up another UFC win via unanimous decision, 30-27, 30-27 and 29-28, at Ultimate Fight Night 22 in Austin, Texas. It was the fifth straight win with the promotion for the mighty mite.

Tibau (31-7, 7-5 UFC) is simply massive for the 155-pound division. After re-hydrating, he walks to the Octagon at well over 170 pounds while Miller is a small lightweight at just 5-foot-6. But Miller never had an issue from a power standpoint in Wednesday night's fight. Tibau scored several solid double-leg takedowns throughout the fight but could never maintain the position to do any real damage. Meanwhile, when they were standing and striking, Miller was the faster and more accurate fighter. He landed a few good leg kicks and his left hand was the difference in the fight. Give credit to Tibau, he's got a chin. He got blasted several times and stayed on his feet. The closest he came to going down was in the second round.

Miller (17-2, 7-1 UFC) crushed him with a left and Tibau's knees buckled. The Brazilian got on his horse, literally running to his left. Once Miller caught him, he was able to score a quick takedown. But Tibau recovered quickly and rose to his feet in seconds. That scenario and a better land rate for Miller was more than enough to impress the judges.