James Krause injures, beats Jamie Varner at UFC 173

Elias Cepeda
May 25, 2014
James Krause injures, beats Jamie Varner at UFC 173

UFC lightweight James Krause targeted former WEC champion Jamie Varner's lead, lower leg from the start of their UFC 173 main card bout Saturday night and it paid off with a TKO win after the first round. Varner absorbed a few leg kicks to his ankle before collapsing to the ground.

Varner appeared to lose the ability to stabilize himself on his feet due to what both he and UFC president Dana White would later say was his broken ankle. Despite the injury, Varner fought on through the first round, falling over and over, but swinging hard for the knockout during whatever fleeting moments he was able to stand on his feet. 

Krause was able to control most of the rest of the action, however, with top position - though Varner threatened with big shots - and left Varner on the mat as the first round ended. At that point, Varner told the referee that his ankle was broken and the fight was soon after stopped. 

Krause has now won eight out of his last nine fights. Varner has lost three straight and four out his last five.

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