Maggie Hendricks

ION plans on airing the 'Ultimate Fighting Challenge'

Maggie Hendricks

As Cofield mentioned earlier today, the preliminary fights for UFC 125 will air on ION, a cable network that seems to be fond of infomercials, "The Ghost Whisperer" and "Without a Trace." Also, according to my Comcast menu, they're airing "Ultimate Fighting Challenge," which will be sandwiched between "Timecop" and "Space Cowboys."

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Yikes. Who wants to be the one to tell them that they actually signed a deal with the Ultimate Fighting Championship?

The move is curious, because in the UFC and WEC's past television partnerships, the brands made sense together. Spike is focused on the male demographic, while Versus already had a full slate of sports programming.

ION, on the other hand, "focuses on general entertainment for adults 25-54." Its programming screams, "We don't want to offend anyone!" How will the average Jennifer Love Hewitt fan react when she tunes to ION, hoping for "Ghost Whisperer," and happens upon a slugfest between Marcus Davis and Jeremy Stephens?

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