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Work it! GSP the cover boy for Men’s Health


With sponsorships from Gatorade and Under Armour, UFC welterweight champ Georges St. Pierre is already one of MMA's most mainstream stars, and he proved that again by scoring a cover with Men's Health magazine. Check out his cover shoot:

Since this was for a magazine focused on health, St. Pierre mostly discussed how he keeps healthy both in and out of fights. This included the Confucius-esque line, "Never interrupt your enemy when he's making a mistake."

To give you an idea how boring fighting life can be, GSP shed some light on his workday: eat, train, eat, sleep, eat, train, eat, sleep. Replace train with poop, and GSP has a lot in common with my three-day-old nephew. GSP will put all that training into practice at UFC 129 on April 30 against Jake Shields.

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