Gallery of Ow: Penn, Diaz and Mitrione show effects of UFC 137

Maggie Hendricks

UFC exec Lorenzo Fertitta tweeted this picture of B.J. Penn and Nick Diaz from after their fight. The two put their friendship aside for the bout, but had no problem sitting together after their bruising fight.

Penn's is gripping a bag of ice and his left eye is swollen shut, and Diaz has plenty of reminders from the fight on his face. However, the bruises are the last thing you notice about the photo. What is memorable is two men who were so ready to fight that officials had to pry them apart at weighins, during their prefight faceoff, and even between rounds, are sitting together peacefully. It's a quick snapshot of why MMA fans love this sport.

Matt Mitrione picked up a few bumps of his own. In case you were wondering, that's what Cheick Kongo can do. As was shown in last week's Dana White video blog, fighters can experience the greatest of highs from their wins, but there is often an ugly downside to a career that involves getting punched in the face.