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Forrest Griffin needed Anderson Silva fight to get excited again

The guy seemingly brings it for every fight but Forrest Griffin says he was getting a bit bored with the game before his loss to Rashad Evans. He seemed different the week of the fight. Usually funny and loose before a fight, he was grumpy and stiff.

Fighting was becoming a job instead of a passion. It doesn't sound like much was going to change for a fight against Thiago Silva (originally scheduled for UFC 101), who sits outside of the top 10 in the world at 205 pounds. But that all changed for Griffin when Dana White called him with an offer to fight Anderson Silva, one of the pound-for-pound best fighters in the world. Griffin jokes that it was simply a clerical error that finally got straightened out with him facing the correct Silva.

"I wasn't very happy with my mental preparation for my last fight," Griffin told Cagewriter (0:58 mark). "I actually did the workouts, but I did it more dutifully than passionately. Sometimes life wears on you a little bit and you don't handle it as well as you should."

Griffin said he's a low energy person and when he has to do media, it wears on him sometimes.

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