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Steve Cofield

Can the Finale save The Ultimate Fighter 9?

Steve Cofield

You got what you wished for. If you were one of the folks whining about the integrity of the sport, calling for less drama and more of the training footage and fights on the UFC's reality show, you got it. And what you also got was a show that was difficult to pay attention to. How many engaging personalities were there on the show beyond U.K. coach Michael Bisping and Team USA fighter Damarques Johnson? The season was a snoozefest and worse yet was the talent. Even the UFC thought the cast was subpar by only putting eight TUF 9 fighters on this card.

The best storyline of the show may have been Cameron Dollar versus Jason Dent. Dollar seems to hate Dent. Why? Simply because he thinks Dent lacks personality and is boring. Dollar was smart in his approach. He's a 22-year-old MMA newbie with just three pro fights but he earned himself one of the eight coveted slots on Saturday's TUF 9 Finale.

Watch Cagewriter with Dollar as he discusses the show:

Dollar also defends his worst moment of the season. He spoke about sleeping with a friend's wife. Spike made it look like he was bragging. Dollar tells readers and viewers don't be so judgmental (5:00 mark).

From the fighting standpoint, are any of the Brits potential stars? Possibly Andre Winner. His striking looks solid but it's hard to tell how complete his game is from just a few minutes of fighting on the show. James Wilks looks to lack intensity and beat one guy, Frank Lester, in the main fights. Johnson may be the best prospect. His 9-6 record is reminiscent of Matt Brown, a near .500 fighter when he appeared on The Ultimate Fighter, who has taken to higher level training and looks to be working towards a pretty solid UFC career.

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