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There's no better guy than Dick Vitale to spread erroneous messages about a college hoops coach with questionable methods. Vitale will go to his grave telling us what a great fella Bobby Knight is. Dickie V also loves Jerry Tarkanian. Tark isn't a bad guy but he would do anything and give anyone a chance at UNLV if it meant winning. They were more than welcome especially if they were 6-foot-8 with a sweet jumpshot. Vitale dubbed him Father Flanagan for taking kids under his wing.

Is UFC Dana White another Father Flanagan or is he all about television ratings? His disciplinary policy on The Ultimate Fighter 8 has been puzzling to say the least. Junie Browning is the worst behaved cast member the show has ever had, yet he's been given at least 3-4 chances after major blow-ups and rampages.

Yahoo! Sports talked TUF8 with White (pictured w/Laura Prepon, That 80's Show) and he sounds like he's softening up in his old age:

"Here comes me, I kick him off the show. Junie Browning is the kind of kid who would say I could've beaten everybody on that show even the guys at 205 but they didn't let me stay on. I let him stay on the show. You guys came here to fight, beautiful you're going to fight."

Click below to hear White talk Junie (ESPN1100 w/Cofield & Cokin with MDS AOL Fanhouse):

He compares Browning to Chris Leben. Leben changed his life around after The Ultimate Fighter and White's hopes that he can help Browning do the same thing. White says that we're "going to find it interesting where this thing winds up."

White also gives us an update on his ridiculous housing association battle in Las Vegas. He's being terrorized by a neighbor who doesn't like his pool. The woman recently said that she was going to install cameras to spy into his backyard. White said before UFC 90 that he will pay whatever fines his HOA can levy to stick it to this woman.

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