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Maggie Hendricks

Fan favorite Bonnar ready for Saturday's TUF Finale

Maggie Hendricks

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Stephan Bonnar is the definition of a fan favorite. He's not going to be in title contention any time soon, and he still has his job in the UFC because of a sloppy, but exciting fight more than five years ago. Still, he is loved by fans because of his fun fights, and his quick wit and ability to laugh at himself.

One of his concerns these days is how those fun fights will affect his quick wit. From

"I'm not so much worried about those type of fights taking years off my career. I guess I'm more worried about them affecting my creativity and my quick wit," he said. "That's what I care about. I want to be able to think clearly and process information. I'm pretty creative and I'm not too dumb for a fighter, you know? I'm a Purdue grad. That's the one thing that scares me, is losing that. I'm not too worried yet, though. You've seen me take the shots and I'm still there, I'm still witty. In the back of my mind, I do worry about it a little though."

This Saturday night, Bonnar will headline "The Ultimate Fighter" season 12 finale against Igor Pokrajac. He'll try to extend his winning streak to two fights after he had lost three in a row. In getting ready for this fight, he continued to work at One Kick Nick's in Las Vegas. After years with Xtreme Couture, he found a better fit with Nick Blomgren.

He also squashed any rumors of cutting down to middleweight. From

I actually dieted and tried to keep the weight off. I ate like a mouse and got to 210 and felt weak. All I could think of was, “[expletive], another 25 pounds? Are you kidding me?” I mean, I have a pretty big frame. So I figured why not just eat like a horse and lift like a mule and weigh 230 and then just cut to 205? So that’s what I’ve been doing.

Going into his 13th fight in the Octagon, Bonnar will have the crowd on his side. We'll see on Saturday if that's enough.

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