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Steve Cofield

Even UFC fighters must navigate the Southwest cattle call

For every Chuck Liddell, Georges St. Pierre and Brock Lesnar there are 50 fighters who don't make over a million bucks a year or get thousands in merchandise deals and they definitely don't fly first class. Gray Maynard is one of those guys and Cage Writer located him having to endure one of the true horrors of the friendly skies ... the Southwest Airlines boarding process.

Watch Maynard talk about the flight and a ballsy move:

Southwest switched to what it thought was a more organized system by numbering its boarding passes. Bad move. Anyone who's flown Southwest recently knows that it's a survival of the fittest and a showcase for obnoxious line-cutting jackasses. Be careful though. Think before calling someone out for cutting the line, Maynard says he'll move back but not without giving you guff. Also size up the person and judge their sanity. On a recent flight from Las Vegas to Philadelphia, I called out some dude on cutting the line, asked what his number was and then he told me he would kick my ass. On the plane, on a bathroom trip he got right in my face and said he was going the rip my (expletive) head off.

Back to this trip to sunny Columbus where Maynard's boldness continued on the plane. "The Bully" rebuffed at least a dozen inquiries for a seat that he was saving for Xtreme Couture teammate and Affliction fighter Jay Hieron. It was a convenient excuse for Maynard who had at least six blobs in excess of 250 pounds ask for his seat.

We can't be the only people with a neurotic attitude about a good seat, can we? If we were, you wouldn't see 98% of the passengers checked-in online 23 1/2 hours before takeoff on all these flights.

Maynard fights Jim Miller on Saturday in Columbus at UFC 96. And then it's another cattle call and back to Sin City.

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