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Evans says Rampage has gone stagnant like Tyson

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The fighting words continued yesterday at the UFC 114 prefight press conference. This after Rashad Evans and Quinton "Rampage" Jackson were yelling over each other at last week's prefight teleconference. On Wednesday, it was a little more civil but that doesn't mean all the barbs were eliminated as the fighters spoke in front of the media and fans gathered in Hollywood Theatre at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

Evans questioned Jackson's motivation to fight suggesting that his movie career has sapped his hunger for the sport and even worse saying he might be shot.

"The Quinton of old was a fighter who was evolving," said Evans. "I think now he's like (Mike) Tyson when Tyson got a little bit older. He just relied on his power and his power punching. I haven't seen him develop too much in his last few fights. His interest don't seem to be in fighting anymore."

Jackson did spend the end of 2009 and early 2010 filming his role for the new A-Team movie but there's been plenty of time to train since the Mr. T gig ended.

"I trained the I hardest I've ever trained," said Jackson. "I trained to finish this fight. I trained to destroy Rashad."

Rampage says it's going to be a like a street fight and he did just fine during his time growing up in Memphis.

"I'm taking the fight back to those days," said Jackson. "Just now I have a little more skill. If I lose my temper and go hog wild, I trained every aspect to cover for it."

Evans didn't sound like he was buying that Jackson's head is into it.

"Maybe he got real hungry again and I inspired him to come back and re-invent himself to become a better fighter," said Evans. "Before he was kind of the decline to me."

He sounded pretty confident.

"I envision the fight many times and it goes different each time as far as how it ends," said Evans. "For me, it'll just be the look in his eyes when he knows he's defeated. That moment where I know, he knows he got his ass whupped. That's the satisfaction."

We find out Saturday night if Jackson is like young Tyson and lays out Evans or he's the old Tyson who was easy to hit and even easier to break mentally.

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