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What else could do Showtime do with Fedor’s contract?

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Fedor Emelianenko's contract status is still a little hazy. While UFC president Dana White said that he is no longer with Strikeforce, his representative through M-1 Global said that Emelianenko's contract is with Showtime, the network that airs Strikeforce bouts.

If that's true, it puts Showtime in the tough position of trying to figure out what to do with the "Last Emperor." They could theoretically give him a fight on an M-1 show, but there are few fighters who aren't under contract with the UFC or Strikeforce who could be competitive with Emelianenko. Should they give him a fighter nowhere near his level just so that he can fulfill his contract?

But if not a fight, how else could Showtime use the great fighter so that his contract gets fulfilled?

-- Have him show up in the Giants clubhouse in San Francisco. In an episode of "The Franchise, " he could teach Pablo Sandoval how to throw a punch, and his entourage could show Brian Wilson just how to rock a beard.

-- Give him a guest spot on "Weeds." He could be the man who could finally scare Nancy Botwin out of being a drug dealer. She'll vow to change her ways, profess her love to him, then hit the road again with her brother-in-law for more madcap adventures.

-- Let him stand in as a reporter "Inside Nascar." Nobody loves car races more than Fedor. WOOOOOOO!

What else could Showtime do for the legendary fighter? Tell us in the comments or on Facebook.

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