Don't knee Kongo in the junk

Steve Cofield

Mostapha Al Turk came into his fight against Cheick Kongo with a solid reputation in the world of submission wrestling. As a result, Kongo came out a bit tentative and was unwilling to close distance against the Saudi Arabian fighting out of the U.K. When the distance was finally closed via the clinch, Kongo took a knee to the groin with 2:05 left in the first round. Kongo took a short break as the crowd roared watching the replay six times. When Kongo was ready to fight he looked like he wanted kill someone. He then exacted revenge with what appeared to be an intentional knee to Al Turk's groin. Al Turk took a short break.

When the fight resumed Kongo started throwing leather. He floored Al Turk with a right with just over a minute left in the opening round. The Saudi collapsed against the cage where Kongo pounced on him. He started raining down elbows, punches and hammerfists. There were 51 of them in all. His fourth or fifth elbow ripped open Al Turk's head. The fight was stopped at 4:37 of the first.