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Steve Cofield

Don't fight a Walmart security guard called 'The Wrecking Ball'

Steve Cofield

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Let's take a look into the mind of the petty thief - "What risk is there if I steal these goodies from Walmart?"

The rent-a-cop, Paul Blart-clone will probably miss the crime and if he does nab you what chance does some fatty have of stopping you? Especially if the guy is 5-foot-5, 245 pounds? That meatball has no shot of being a crimestopper extraordinaire, unless he's also a mixed martial artist working towards his Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt. Uh-oh. That's where WEC fighter Marcus "The Wrecking Ball" Hicks steps in. Now 8-1 as a professional lightweight fighter, Hicks worked as a Walmart security dude for four years. Cage Writer had to ask if any jackass made the mistake of throwing punches at Hicks:

"There were a couple, I had to put a couple to sleep."

Wait a second, come again?

"When they step outside them doors you never know what their intent is."

Hicks caught one lucky fella stealing an air compressor. When he confronted the thief in the parking lot, he punched Hicks and ran off. "The Ironhead Heyward" of security guards ran down the slimeball and as he put it, "took his back and put an RNC (rear-naked choke) on him."

That wasn't the only case of someone getting violent with Hicks. His toughest scrap at Walmart came against a 300-pounder, even better it was a woman:

"Once she stepped outside, I tried to talk to her and then I called for backup. She started beating up my partner. Boy, she was killing (my partner). I'm not gonna punch a lady, my mama taught me better. So I put her in an RNC."

You gotta love the line about his mama. It paints the picture of Mama Hicks in a Gi showing the kids how to lock on RNCs, armbars and heel hooks because that's the "gentlemanly" thing to do.

Listen to Hicks tell Cage Writer about his days at Walmart:

That's right, Hicks went from 245 pounds down to 155 where he fights now. He faltered in his first big fight against Jamie Varner. That was primarily a stand-up war. This time around, expect him to lean more heavily on his BJJ against Rob McCullough, a kickboxer. They face off this Sunday at WEC 39 in Corpus Christi, Texas.

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