Donald Cerrone wants to go pro as a wakeboarder

Maggie Hendricks

UFC lightweight Donald Cerrone will fight Anthony Pettis at the UFC's next card on Fox, but a win over his fellow WEC veteran isn't Cerrone's only goal for 2013. He told MMA Fighting's Ariel Helwani that he plans to go pro as a wakeboarder this year.

"I love wakeboarding and definitely plan on going pro this year," Cerrone said.

Like in MMA, wakeboarding has a local circuit where Cerrone will have to start. He won't make any money at the lower levels. Wakeboarders are pulled behind motor boats on wakeboards, and compete by doing tricks on the board. It's like a mix of surfing, water skiing and snowboarding.

Cerrone, who is fond of riding horses, roping cattle and the like, said worries about getting injured outside of training will not sideline him.

"This summer, I'll definitely be out on the water and riding my horses."

"For me, I'm trying to be a professional wakeboarder. It's just like when I'm trying to be a professional cagefighter. It's not like I'm fooling around, getting drunk and recklessly doing it. It's another professional sport."

But that doesn't mean he'll do it against the UFC's wishes. He will talk with UFC brass.

"I'm going to sit down, and talk with the big guys and sort it all out."

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