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Dominick Cruz shares his gross, surgically-repaired hand

Maggie Hendricks

UFC bantamweight champ Dominick Cruz broke his hand when beating Demetrious Johnson on Oct. 1. His performance had UFC president Dana White raving about Cruz's toughness. Though he's had hand injuries before, Cruz needed surgery this time to repair his hand.

He had that surgery this week, and he was kind enough to share that the picture of his hand just after the procedure.

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Look at the size of that thing. Remember that Cruz is a bantamweight, but his hand is so swollen that it looks like he's borrowing Shane Carwin's 4X paw.

What's nice about this picture is that it could effectively be incorporated into your Halloween decorating plans. Print it out, throw some glitter on it, and you'll win the neighborhood decorating contest, all thanks to Dominick Cruz.

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