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Maggie Hendricks

Dana's Vlog: the one where he calls MMA 'Ultimate Fighting'


One of the things that MMA writers battle against is the sport being called, "ultimate fighting." I can't count how many times I've explained to people that the Ultimate Fighting Championship is a promotion, and there is no such thing as "ultimate fighting." Mixed martial arts is the more correct term because the sport is a blending of many different combat sports. And then, Dana White, one of the pied pipers of MMA, goes to Germany and at the 1:20 mark, calls MMA "ultimate fighting."

Later in the Vlog, we find out that White didn't watch the Olympics because he didn't know about this incident at 3:00, at 7:15, he and Lorenzo Fertitta ponder flipping someone's car, and at 8:15, White, Randy Couture and Rich Franklin appear on a German talk show that has a budget big enough for a movable stage, but not big enough to give Franklin his own chair. If you watch until the end, you catch Fertitta without a shirt. Clearly, you don't want to watch until the end. As always, when Dana White's potty mouth is involved, the video is NSFW.

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