Dana White blog captures controlled chaos of UFC on Fox 2

Maggie Hendricks
January 31, 2012

As is the norm, UFC president Dana White's first video blog of the week focused on last week's event. With UFC on Fox 2 airing on network television, the timing and control of this event had to be even tighter than usual. You'll see just how that is accomplished with looks into meetings, the production truck, and fighter walkouts.

You also see the emotions and second-guessing that come naturally after fights. Joey Beltran breaks down after getting knocked out by Lavar Johnson. Jon-Olav Einemo realizes that he should have arrived in Chicago earlier. Eric Wisely says he should have rolled out to avoid Charles Olivera's calf slicer.

A few warnings before you press play: As always, expect plenty of NSFW language, unless you work at a swear word factory. Also, there is a long segment of Phil Davis getting his knee stitched up. Davis can't bear to look, so no on will hold it against you if you look away, too.