Dana White: Negotiations with Gina Carano 'complicated'

Elias Cepeda
Gina Carano Plans Her Return To The Octagon
Gina Carano is ready to sit down and plan her next fight, but will it happen and who does she want to fight?

Two weeks ago, UFC president Dana White confidently stated that he expected to swoop into Los Angeles and sign MMA-cross over star Gina Carano to fight in the UFC in the next week. As it turns out, getting the former fighter to come back to the cage is proving more difficult than White anticipated.

Carano is still not signed to the UFC and White cited unspecified complications Saturday night in San Jose at the UFC on FOX 12  post-event press conference. "It's complicated," White said.

The UFC boss said that talks are going well in some ways, but that the delay is due to the un-named complications. "It's going very positive, but it's complicated," he said.

Though White didn't elaborate and Carano has not either, one might imagine that the movie career of "Conviction" may be the source of some of the complication. Carano has not fought since 2009, and since that time has focused on her growing film career.

It isn't hard to imagine that shooting schedules and contracts with film studios and agencies may complicate Carano's intention to get back into fighting in many different ways. Though Carano lost the last time she fought, to "Cyborg" Justino, it is expected that she would fight UFC bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey, should she sign with the UFC.

Rousey has expressed an eagerness to fight Carano, alternately saying that she herself would go back up in weight to 145 to fight the star and that the Muay Thai specialist has earned a crack at the 135 pound belt. Are you interested in seeing Carano fight Rousey, or would you rather she take on someone else, first?

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