Dan Hardy intent on UFC return

Elias Cepeda
UFC Fighters Meet with Gold Coast Suns
GOLD COAST, AUSTRALIA - DECEMBER 12: Dan Hardy looks on during a UFC media session with the AFL Gold Coast Suns at Metricon Stadium on December 12, 2012 on the Gold Coast, Australia. (Photo by Matt Roberts/Getty Images)

UFC welterweight contender Dan Hardy has been out of action since his scary, potentially career-ending but yet still vaguely bad-ass-sounding heart condition diagnosis last spring. He's even moved on to becoming an excellent television commentator for UFC cards.

However, "The Outlaw" has not yet given up on fighting. The former title challenger says that he's happy in his new role but still plans to fight again. “I definitely plan on getting back in there," he said in a recent UG interview.

"It’s just the process of getting cleared and being able to now. It’s kind of frustrating, but not be honest, this commentating job came at the right time it’s given me a new challenge to focus on. And I’m able to stay very close to the sport, and still learn from the sport, from the fighters, and just be a fan."

Hardy has never really been sold on the idea that he'd have to give up fighting, partially because he still feels great and trains hard. Learn more about his diagnosis, symptoms and outlook from this interview he did with Joe Rogan on the comedian and analyst's podcast.

The 31 year-old won his last two fights and certainly has more fight left in his heart. Whether or not he can convince doctors that it is safe for him to resume MMA competition remains to be seen.

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