Conor McGregor: 'I'm a man possessed'

Elias Cepeda
UFC Fight Night: McGregor v Holloway
BOSTON, MA - AUGUST 17: Conor McGregor celebrates following his win against Max Holloway in their featherweight bout at TD Garden on August 17, 2013 in Boston, Massachusetts. (Photo by Jared Wickerham/Getty Images)

Yesterday you read what Cole Miller had to say about his just-announced July 19th UFC main event in Dublin against Conor McGregor. The Irish sensation had plenty to say himself on UFC Tonight when interviewed by Kenny Florian.

"I stay ready," said McGregor, when asked if he'll be fully healed from his ACL injury and surgery.

"Me coming back from this injury is a man possessed. I'm going go in there and I'm going to break him in the very first exchange."

McGregor was fired up about facing Miller, who has called out and bashed the UFC newcomer after his own bouts. "[Miller] opened his mouth, he was under the influence of post-fight adrenaline. It has the same effect as alcohol. It makes you brave. He spoke with bravery, but guess what happened? It wore off. Now he's faced with the reality that he's going to face me July 19," he said.

As for all the advantages that Cole says he will have over Conor come fight night, the bombastic featherweight was dismissive.

"It does not matter," said McGregor.

"He does not have a reach advantage. He's slow, he's scared, I'm fast, I'm fearless. It's no contest. The first exchange I'm going to break him. I see it in his voice. I see it in his body language. He's petrified. I'm coming to get him. Not just him. Forget him. I've been listening to everyone calling me out and saying this and that while I'm forced to sit on the sideline. Now I'm back."

Per usual, McGregor didn't limit the scope of his trash talk to just one future opponent. The proud Dubliner is looking past Cole Miller to other featehrweight contenders as well as champion Jose Aldo.

"I'm going to stop Cole. Whoever's next. Cub [Swanson], I'll break Cub," he said.

"I'll embarrass Chad [Mendes]. I'll annihilate Jose [Aldo]. I'm coming to takeover the division. It's my division."

Do you think Miller's size and Jiu Jitsu will prevail, or will McGregor's speed and unpredictable strikes take the day? Let us know in the comments section.Follow Elias on Twitter @EliasCepeda & @YahooCagewriter