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Maggie Hendricks

Concord, N.C. bans MMA. Isn't that cute?


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Is your computer Y2K compliant? Oh, and did you catch that new show, "the West Wing," last night? It's fantastic. I also just watched "American Beauty," and I think Kevin Spacey might win a few awards for that one. And how about that Jim Gray? It was not right for him to ambush Pete Rose like that.

What? It's not 1999? You might want to tell that to the people of Concord, N.C., who just passed an ordinance banning "extreme fighting" from public facilities. I have no idea what "extreme fighting" is, but if they're referring to mixed martial arts, they've missed the boat.

The city council in Concord referred to MMA as "human cockfighting," a term that even John McCain doesn't use any more. Their ignorance of the sport, supported by the inane comments that follow the news story, is almost quaint. Clearly, the town's inability to get out of 1999 has restricted their use of the Internet, because basic Internet searches would reveal the safety of the sport, and that it's well-regulated.

Normally, I get worked up into a lather over this stuff. But in this case, a town of 60,000 outside of Charlotte banning MMA doesn't really have much of an effect on the sport. In this case, I want to pat Concord on the head, and laugh.

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