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Steve Cofield

Coleman not proud but had fun stomping on Silva's head

Steve Cofield

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He's been in plenty of brawls in and out of the cage but for Mark Coleman his favorite was the win over Mauricio Rua and the aftermath. Rua and Coleman square off this Saturday at UFC 93 with plenty of bad blood remaining from their last fight in February of 2006. Rua suffered a broken arm in the fight when he fell in an awkward manner. Coleman didn't see what happened, flipped out and both entourages came into the ring. Then Rua's teammate from Chute Boxe, Wanderlei Silva, pulled a WWE move coming into the ring from the crowd. Seconds later "The Axe Murderer" was under the pile with Coleman's foot on his neck:

"After a fight, especially after a win you can't hold it against me. That was pure heat of the moment," Coleman told Cage Writer yesterday from Dublin, Ireland. "I was having fun. To be honest it was kind of cool."

Coleman said he envisioned the scenario going down before the fight. He thought he'd win the fight and that Chute Boxe wouldn't be happy.

"I'm not proud of what happened. I don't blame either camp but they did ambush me."

Click below to listen to the Coleman interview (ESPNRadio1100 w/Cofield):

That matter is up to interpretation. When Rua's corner came in the ring to protect him from Coleman, who was jumping around like a madman, it appeared that MMA musclehead Phil Baroni lit the flame that took the altercation to the next level. Coleman said the potential for a scrap was brewing beneath the surface because American fighters always felt like they were behind the eight-ball with Pride management.

"They did have the intimidation factor going for them. They did have the organization pushing them. They did have a lot of advantages over there."

Coleman isn't the first American to claim that Pride routinely short-changed U.S. fighters in favor of the Brazilians. Quinton Jackson spoke about it during the lead-up to his UFC fight against Silva.

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