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Cagereaders rants about Brian Stann, Alexander Gustafsson and the end of the Mark Hunt rally


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Gustafsson got a big win in his home country (Getty)

Welcome to Reader Rants, the weekly post where the readers take over and have their say. If you want to be a part of a future Reader Rants, like Cagewriter on Facebook and comment on any of the stories that show up in your newsfeed.

To start out this week's rants, not everyone was disappointed that the #RallyForMarkHunt was stopped by UFC president Dana White.

Meh. Good. Better, more qualified options exist than Mark Hunt. If Hunt deserves it, he'll show it with the rest of 2012. Giving him a title shot now would be pretty weak. Not sure it'd even be exciting. Good chin vs. Slugger doesn't always equal good fight. Sometimes it just means assbeating, and his ground game is still pedestrian. -- Dylan Schmeyer

Alexander Gustafsson impressed with his win over Thiago Silva. Several Cagereaders want to see him fight Ryan Bader, though one wants to see him fight a former champ.

A number one contender match vs. Bader seems to be the most appropriate matchup. Hendo was guaranteed a title shot and won't risk losing it by fighting a dangerous up-and-comer like Gustafsson. -- Grady Woods

Bader makes a lot of sense. Tests to see if Gustafsson has improved his wrestling defense to elite levels. -- John Wilcox

He needs two top ten wins for me to think he's a threat to the belt. Lyoto machida makes a lot of sense to me. -- Adam Smathers

Finally, most readers' respect for Brian Stann grew even more after he stopped his own bout against Alessio Sakara, though one reader didn't think he should have stopped.

Clearly, the man has seen enough needless violence for one lifetime. -- David J. Karchmer

I think it's too bad for the fans. The man is trying to be classy and I respect that, but he's in a sport that has rules. If he truly didn't want to hurt Sakara he could have backed out of the bout and let someone else take it, but he chose to compete and agreed to the rules, one of which is you go until the bell or referee stops you. If he had stopped when he did and Sakara had recovered (and won?) he'd be crying foul that the bout was not stopped. In other words, he got lucky that the referee agreed and next time he should respect the fans, the UFC, the other fighters and the referee who all help him make a great living by fighting to his full ability and abiding by the rules instead of acting as assistant referee in his bouts. -- Joshua Smith

There's no point. Continuing to possibly do permanent damage is senseless to inflict on an athlete so they can never fight again or worse -- Holly Rotroff

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