C-a-C: Take your hand off my arm before I kill you. Thanks

Maggie Hendricks

At Strikeforce, Gina Carano finds out that one of the downsides of being beautiful and famous is that you can't shake Mickey Rourke. Take your shot at a caption in the comments, and the winner gets a date with Rourke. Click here to see more of Esther Lin's work from Strikeforce, and read on for the winners of our last Create-a-Caption.

First place: Bachelor #1, where would you take me for our first date? -- Depaul_fan

Second place: The cast of The View look more like men every day. -- MMAniac

Third place: Mir, Faber and Cerrone react to Browns admission that he also drinks Lyoto Machida's urine every morning. --mmafan