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B.J. Penn doesn’t want to make it personal against Nick Diaz

Maggie Hendricks

In last week's UFC 137 switcheroo, B.J. Penn ended up facing Nick Diaz instead of Carlos Condit. Because of that, the producers of "Countdown," the show that airs to hype up UFC cards, had to work with Penn again to make the show suitable for the new line-up.

Penn says that the UFC asked him to say Diaz's name and "I'm going to beat Nick Diaz," something Penn found a problem with.

A few things to mention here:

1. Countdown's role is to hype up fights. Of course they want Penn to say something about his opponent. That will help sell pay-per-views, which is a good goal for everyone, right?

2. Penn has threatened to lick blood off his opponents. He has trash-talked before every fight, except for when he fought his friend Matt Hughes. Now he's worried about saying, "I'm going to beat Nick Diaz?" C'mon, son.

3. He says that he is worried that Diaz will be edited to look like a bad guy. Really, B.J.? This video was not edited, and Diaz still didn't come out looking that hot.

If Penn doesn't want to talk trash, that's fine. But that's not what he was asked to do. He was asked to say he was going to win the fight. Is that really all that bad?

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