• Kamal Shalorus grabs for gold again at ONE FC 19

    Elias Cepeda at Cagewriter1 day ago

    Kamal Shalorus (9-3) was born and raised with wrestling all around him. Growing up near the wrestling hot-bed of Azerbaijan, Shalorus had both the intense Iranian and Russian wrestling cultures pushing in on him as a young man.

    The wrestling passion of the region became his, and he used it to lift himself up, professionally. He would go on to represent Britain’s wrestling team at the 2004 summer games, and later become a top MMA fighter.

    Kamal’s parents had no problem accepting his career as a wrestler, but fighting in a cage with less rules seemed more foreign to them, at first. “Wrestling, they knew, so they were very supportive,” he tells Cagewriter.

    “But MMA, well, my mom was a lot more nervous about that (laughs). But now they see what it is and understand it a bit more.”

    It took Shalorus some time himself to begin to fully understand MMA. He first got into the sport as a training partner for MMA fighters to better their wrestling, but soon realize that he was good enough to step into a second career as well.

    “The transition was definitely challenging, especially the striking, but I enjoyed it and it ultimately came natural to me,” he says.

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