• [VIDEO] Gas station clerk uses MMA to fend off robbers

    Elias Cepeda at Cagewriter22 hrs ago

    Three would-be muggers were surprised when an attempted robbery turned south on them after they ran into a gas station clerk who is also a professional mixed martial artist. Several weeks ago, a group of men attacked a Houston Fuel Depot convenience store employee in the store parking lot as he returned from a bank round. 

    When co-worker Mayura "Top Gun" Dissanayake saw the attack from inside the store, he rushed out, along with another employee, and defended the victim. The attackers were no-doubt counting on the element of surprised and superior numbers but quickly got it taken to them by the Sri Lankan fighter.

    Dissanayake has over a decade of fight training and has fought and won in India's Super Fight League MMA promotion. "Top Gun" didn't hesitate to use his MMA skills to defend his co-workers and himself in fending off and forcing the attackers into a retreat.

    "I just kicked him until he lays down on the floor," he said.

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