• Bobby Lashley: Separating fact from fiction

    Elias Cepeda at Cagewriter5 days ago

    You look at a hulking pro wrestler like Bobby Lashley, and the tendency is to think you know the type. Of course, Lashley (11-2) isn’t just a pro wrestling entertainer – he’s also an MMA fighter with a long and healthy career.

    Hearing from Lashley the day before his Bellator bout tonight in Kansas against undefeated Karl Etherington (9-0), the former WWE star says there’s quite a bit fans don’t know about him. A sampling:

    Lashley is a single dad.

    “I don’t have the time to rest between workouts like many fighters do, because I’ve got to take my kids to the park, or the circuit, or the doctor. It’s great, but it takes a lot of my time,” he says.

    Lashley is a vegetarian. Whoah.

    Yeah, he’s got muscles, but he isn’t nearly as big as you may have thought.

    “They announce me in pro wrestling at over 300 pounds and I just shake my head. People ask me, ‘how do you go from 300 pounds down to heavyweight to fight in MMA?’ I’m like, ‘dude, I’m no where near 300 pounds.’

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