• Jon Jones' younger brother wants to fight the UFC champ for charity

    Mike Russell at Cagewriter17 days ago

    The search to find the next apt opponent for Jon Jones may be over – at least, that's the case if someone who knows the UFC light heavyweight champion better than most has his way.

    Jones’ younger brother Chandler – as in, New England Patriots Super Bowl champion Chandler Jones – told TMZ that he would be up for giving his older brother a whooping, like he used to before Jon became arguably the most dangerous fighter in UFC history.

    “Me and my brother used to fight all the time when we were young, and I'm pretty sure I can take him down now. I am way bigger than he is,” said Chandler, who outweighs his brother by roughly 40 pounds and outreaches him by an inch. “I would just throw him to the ground.”

    To prove it wouldn’t be a self-serving publicity stunt, the younger Jones suggested they could perhaps choose a charity to donate the money raised by the potential sibling superfight.

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