• UFC's Cung Le visits, donates to Vietnam orphanage

    Elias Cepeda at Cagewriter1 day ago

    The days leading up to a fight are of crucial importance to an athlete. It's in these final days that the requisite selfishness of a training camp must reach it's peak so that the competitor has the focus they need to battle on fight night.

    UFC middleweight Cung Le has, at least in part, eschewed the usual solitary selfishness just days before he takes on Michael Bisping in Macau in the main event of UFC Fight Night Saturday. As a child, Le and his family fled Saigon and before hitting China to ready for his fight, the San Shou expert stopped in his native Vietnam to visit an orphanage.

    Le was so moved by the experience that he says he decided to give most of his sponsorship money for the Bisping fight to the orphanage to help provide for the children there. “I knew how crazy it was, but when I showed up there, it was very emotional,” Le said in a recent MMA Junkie interview.

    “[The orphanage only takes kids that were abandoned, and a lot of the kids, they have issues. Whether it’s with nerve damage or with brain swelling. It was something amazing for me to see.

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  • Anderson Silva vs. Nick Diaz title implications?

    Elias Cepeda at Cagewriter2 days ago

    Here at Cagewriter, we're all for Anderson Silva and Nick Diaz fighting one another, since they want to. It's a strange, freak-show type of super fight but also makes sense in certain ways for both men, so we're looking forward to it taking place early next year.

    Recent comments from UFC president Dana White which seemed to leave the door open to the fight having title implications, however, may make us re-think our enthusiasm. “I’m pretty pumped for that fight,” White told said recently.

    “Anderson, I can’t wait until he comes back. He’s one of my favorite fighters. And you know Nick Diaz. He’s exciting, and that’s the fight Nick wanted. That’s the fight the fans wanted to see. So we did it.”

    Fair enough. We're there with ya, Dana.

    “Anderson’s ranked No. 1 in the world right now at 185,” White continued, unbelievably, in reference to the UFC's official, but dubious and self-serving rankings.

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