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Anderson Silva thinks Nick Diaz fight 'could be interesting'


Everyone from Nick Diaz to Dana White to Anderson Silva manager Ed Soares has commented on a potential show down between the two fighters. Now, "The Spider" himself has finally chimed in.

"It could be an interesting fight," Silva told Guilherme Cruz in a recent interview.

The long-time middleweight champion had his leg snapped in half last December but has resumed training and says he's on pace to fight again in 2015. Diaz has not fought since losing to Georges St. Pierre in March, 2013, insists he is retired but also that he'd come out of it for a big pay day or third straight title shot.

The controversial Stockton fighter has called out Silva recently, and seems intent on moving up in weight class if he needs to in order to make the marketable fight happen, upon the Brazilian's UFC return. 

For his part, Silva says that his physical progress since injuring his left leg is going well. He still has some psychological scars from the gruesome injury, however.

"[My left shin] is stronger than the other one, way stronger than the other one,’ he explained.

"I’m training, and it’s helping me a lot in training. But I’m a little insecure about my movements, so I’m just kicking from the waist up [laughs]."

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