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Steve Cofield

Alves confident that he's okay

Steve Cofield

Thiago Alves is out this weekend. New Jersey doctors said they've found a brain abnormality in testing earlier this week. Alves, 26, isn't afraid of what could happen from here.

"I just have to stay positive. We don't have much going inside our heads anyway," joked Alves. "I feel healthy. I never got knocked out before or nothing like that."

Alves is confident there's nothing seriously wrong. He feels the doctors just don't have the time to look into it and they're being cautious. In the past, when he's been tested, nothing has shown up. He points to New Jersey's track record of being extra careful.

His opponent Jon Fitch is still on the card at UFC 111. He'll face Ben Saunders.

TMZ caught up with UFC president Dana White who's hoping the test is a false alarm.

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