Affliction continues to screw up, this time by offending Catholics

Maggie Hendricks
November 25, 2008

Affliction suffered more public relations damage last week, though this time it didn't have anything to do with fighters or executives who liked to punch pregnant women. This time, it was due to a shirt that they were selling at Nordstrom's.

This shirt, in addition to being ugly, is rather offensive to Catholics. Judy Carbo, a woman who happened to be shopping at Nordstrom, said so, and the shirt was pulled from the racks. What Carbo did not do was truly explain why the shirt was offensive, and why Affliction should put a little more thought into their designs. This shirt resembles a painting of Virgin Mary holding Jesus, but Mary is depicted as a skeleton. Catholics believe that Mary did not die, and was assumed, body and all, into heaven. The idea of Mary as a skeleton is in direct contrast to our beliefs.

One badly designed, offensive shirt would not be noticed in the grand scheme of things if it weren't part of a series of missteps by the company. When MMA is fighting for legitimacy just a few hours away in New York, having Affliction and their questionable reputation interlaced with MMA does not help.

Photo via Solis.