[VIDEOS] Countdown to UFC 174

Elias Cepeda

This week's big MMA event is Saturday's UFC 174 event, headlined by flyweight champion Demetrious Johnson defending his belt for the fourth time against Ali Bagautinov. And now you can get behind the scenes of that big matchup as well as a couple others on the UFC 174 card with Countdown to UFC 174.

The mini-documentary series turns its attention to Johnson vs. Bagautinov, Tyron Woodley vs. Rory MacDonald and Rafael Feijao vs. Ryan Bader. In the video above, fans get insight into how Johnson went from a factory worker to an MMA world champion as well as a glimpse at Bagautinov's old-world strength and conditioning routine.

Below, see how Bader and Feijao are preparing for one another and how MacDonald is preparing for his big welterweight contender's bout against Woodley in the Canadian's home town of Vancouver.

 Countdown to Feijao vs. Bader


 Countdown to MacDonald vs. Woodley

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