Zoinks! Daniel Murphy’s double vanishes through outfield wall (Video)

Mike Oz

Three questions about the video above:

1. Is Busch Stadium, home of the St. Louis Cardinals, haunted?

2. Is Daniel Murphy, the New York Mets hitter whose bat that came off, a wizard with ball-disappearing powers?

3. Does MLB have a new strategic partnership with "Ghost Adventures" to come out and investigate baseballs vanishing?

No to all three? Oh. Well then. I guess we'll have to go with the boring explanation: Murphy's line drive to right field in Thursday's Mets-Cards game flew through a small gap between two pieces of the outfield wall.

It's quite a feat. Sort of like shooting a basket at those rigged carnival games, where the ball just barely fits through the hoop. Murphy probably couldn't have done that again if he tried.

Or if a giant teddy bear was on the line.

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