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Young Red Sox fan scams baseball from Yankees coach by switching caps at Fenway

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An innocent face, a trusty glove and a front-row seat wasn't enough for one young boy wearing a Boston Red Sox T-shirt and cap Saturday. To ensure that he would come away with a souvenir baseball while sitting behind the New York Yankees dugout at Fenway Park, the lad resorted to deceit and trickeration.

Yankees coach Rob Thomson fell for it, too.

Hiroki Kuroda delivered a pitch in the bottom of the third inning, and Boston's Jose Iglesias pulled it foul into New York's dugout. Finding a Yankees cap somewhere, the boy placed it on his head — over his Red Sox cap, so it wouldn't touch his growing scalp and possibly transmit A-Rod cooties — and obscured his true allegiance. Thomson turned, nodded fraternally at the "Yankees fan" and rolled the ball to the boy over the top of the dugout.

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All based on a lie.

After making off with the loot, the kid pulled the Yankees cap off his head — ick — and whipped it against the dugout. An odor?

Do you see what kind of influence news of PED use have had in baseball? Even pre-adolescent fans are cheating in order to get souvenirs!

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