Young Braves fan videobombs Miss America contestants in Philadelphia

Mark Townsend

In a decision I can certainly get behind, the Philadelphia Phillies invited several contestants from this year's Miss America competition to Citizens Bank Park on Friday night. Among them, of course, was the reigning Miss America, Mallory Hagan, and during the top half of the fifth inning the Phillies broadcast sent field reporter Gregg Murphy out there to grab an interview.

A standard procedure when invited guests are in the ballpark, but still a nice gesture as the ladies were looking to promote the Miss America pageant scheduled to take place next weekend in Atlantic City. However, in an unfortunate and completely unexpected twist, the beautiful women were all completely overshadowed during their interview time and I'm afraid their message may have been lost.

It had nothing to do with the action on the field, either, which for the most part was lacking during Philadelphia's 2-1 victory. But it had everything to do with a young Atlanta Braves fan — the Braves are in town this weekend — who was seated within camera range.

Upon spotting himself on a nearby TV, the young fan immediately breaks into a few dance moves as his father looks on proudly and a few of the girls breaking out laughing.

When the camera goes back to the game, he sits back down. But it really gets funny when the camera comes back, because there's dad getting ready to record his son's antics off the nearby monitor.

And then the dancing resumes.

This routine would carry on for another 30 seconds, and then it seems someone in the control room decided they'd seen enough and had the camera pan a bit to the right.

That worked, but only temporarily. Within seconds, our young fan was back in the shot waving, dancing and taking all of the attention away from the contestants.

To the credit of Murphy and Hagan, they were never distracted by the young fan during the interview. But it was nice to see the girls behind them were all good sports about it. I mean, I'm sure a couple of them wanted to subtly stiff arm him out of their shot. But kids will be kids, and when they're that persistent about stealing the spotlight, there's not a lot anybody can do to stop them.

Keep on dancin', kid. You're famous now.

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