Boy has violent reaction after missing foul ball

Mike Oz
June 24, 2013

Father's Day was last weekend. The following Sunday, apparently, is Beat On Your Dad day. At least that's what happened at Sunday's San Francisco Giants game when a line drive foul ball zipped at what we're presuming is a dad and his son in right field. Dad tried to make the catch, but couldn't hold on and his kid wasn't too happy about it.

It's tough to tell whether the kid is actually upset or just playing around, though it certainly looks like he's being a Veruca Salt-level brat. The adults don't seem to be reacting in a way that would suggest the child has done something wrong — but these days who knows what that means.

Maybe the adults were just happy the kid didn't get hit by what was a pretty hard-hit ball. Either way, I'm sure commenters will gladly diagnose the situation and dispense plenty of parenting advice. Please don't let me down.

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