What’s Yasiel Puig doing now? Oh, nothing, just The Worm

Mike Oz
September 20, 2013

There have been many memorable moments thus far in Yasiel Puig's rookie season — that torrid first month, the bullet throws, running into walls. Oh, and that time he did The Worm in the clubhouse after the Dodgers clinched the NL West.

Yeah, that totally happened. Because we all know 22-year-old's like to dance after pool parties.

Now, please, before you tell us about how Puig is young and reckless and doesn't respect the game ... we should note that The Worm is a timeless dance, steeped in tradition and classiness. It's not like he was doing the The Roger Rabbit or The Dougie or even something new and dumb like twerkin'.

For a recap of Puig's year that's not dance-related, you may want to check out this Yahoo video:

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