Yankees and Red Sox players frightened by thunder, react hilariously

Mike Oz

Proving that even pro baseball players get a little scared of thunder, members of the Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees were captured on camera during Sunday night's rain delay as a huge burst of thunder crackled above New York City. Their reactions? So great.

They jumped, cringed, took cover, even retreated to the clubhouse. To be fair, it was loud. Really loud. Boston Globe reporter Pete Abraham said it might have been the loudest thunder he'd ever heard.

The Red Sox won the game 3-0, though it was cut short because of the weather. The game went through three delays and eventually was called after 5 1/2 innings, long enough to be an official game.

One last thought: In a situation like this, it's too bad, Nick Swisher isn't a Yankee anymore. His reaction probably would have been like Shaggy and Scooby Doo running away in mid-air when they get scared.

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