Yankees excited to needle Rodriguez about his career as a model

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As Alex Rodriguez recovers from hip surgery in Colorado, his Yankees teammates are counting the seconds until he returns to the clubhouse.

Not so manager Joe Girardi can pencil him into the middle of the lineup and the Yanks can get on with winning the AL East. Alex's pals are dying to poke fun at Rodriguez, to his face, for his suggestive photo shoot in Details magazine.

In case you missed the Bronx Zoolander in action, here's a copy of his full portfolio.

So pouty!

The New York media already is investigating potential reaction from the club.

From Newsday:

One [player] said: "Don't worry, we'll be sure to make fun of him for it."

When shown the picture before Team USA's game in the World Baseball Classic, Derek Jeter appeared a bit taken aback but had no comment. He shook his head and said: "All sorts of articles coming out."

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What else could ballplayers possibly do to pile on Rodriguez, who already has endured a divorce, reaction to his admission about using steroids and his omnipresent cousin Yuri this off-season?

• "Hey, Alex. Was that Blue Steel or Driven?"

• "When does the video premiere on MTV?"

• "When does your run in the cast of 'Rent' start?"

• "Was that your real mattress?"

Maybe they won't be so nice.