Where’s ZimBear?: Chilling at the MLB Fan Cave

Kevin Kaduk
July 20, 2012

Last month, Big League Stew announced plans to send ZimBear — the fantastically freaky giveaway the Rays handed out on June 29 — around the world to the homes of different Stewies. He started his journey with some local brews and a visit to Zim's old high school in Cincinnati before heading to a Chicago exurb to check out the world's biggest collection of Don Zimmer memorabilia. The plan was to hit the All-Star game in Kansas City with our old pal Ricardo Marquez after that, but travel problems meant that ZimBear had to opt for a sleepover at the MLB Fan Cave in New York City instead ...

We're hoping to get ZimBear to as many big league parks as possible before the end of the season. Are you interested in hosting ZimBear in your own city? Email us at bigleaguestew@yahoo.com or follow ZimBear on Twitter (@WheresZimBear)

Name: Ricardo Marquez (@iBlogBetter)
Profession: Cave Dweller
Location: MLB Fan Cave, New York, N.Y.

Favorite team: Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
Favorite players (past or present): Chili Davis, Tim Salmon, Garrett Anderson, Vlad Guerrero, Jered Weaver, Mark Trumbo, Mike Trout … can we just name this entire 2012 roster and end it?
Favorite baseball highlight: Aside from the Angels 2002 World Series win, how 'bout that night when the Twins and Rangers ran off the field after a thunder strike. ROLL THE GAME TAPE.
Favorite game you've ever attended: Probably watching Trumbo hit a walkoff homer against the Rangers last season. Haven't seen the stadium go that nuts in quite a long time.
Who's going to win the World Series in 2012?: Because I am completely biased and obviously a massive homer, I'm going to say the Angels are going to be your 2012 World Series champs. Or not. (I DON'T KNOW!)

What I did with ZimBear: As soon as ZimBear stepped foot in New York City, I figured he'd want to catch up with some Yankees and go out for a night on the town. But apparently he got lost while trekking it up to the Big Apple so all he wanted to do was hang in the MLB Fan Cave and be an honorary Cave Dweller during his time here. Once he heard that all we do is eat, watch every baseball game, host concerts, and hang with MLB players and celebs then he was all in. ZimBear says to check out MLBFanCave.com for some ridiculous videos and blogs that includes pranks, dancing with super models, Spanish soap operas, and well … more pranks.

ZimBear spent a couple days in the Fan Cave and terrorized the place with his awesomeness. Here are some of the highlights of his trip as a Cave Dweller.

David  Wells heard that ZimBear was in town and stopped by for a visit. So did a couple of good photo bombers.

* * *

ZimBear wanted to reenact a scene from his favorite movie, "Real Steel" (left) before getting ready for a Fan Cave concert by Young The Giant. (Yes, ZimBear did stage dive.)

* * *

After seeing the concert, ZimBear felt a strong surge of inspiration and decided to take one of the Fan Cave's two Fenway 100th Anniversary guitars for a spin. That dude can really shred.

* * *

Before departing for parts unknown, Zim decided he should write his name on our Rawlings Autograph Wall next to fellow guitarist Bernie Williams.

Where is ZimBear headed next? Follow his travels at @WheresZimBear!

* * *

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