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What's the right term for Mark Prior's latest surgery?

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My day just started, yet I've already seen a number of news outlets and blogs describing the surgery Mark Prior will have on his right shoulder as "season-ending."


Saying something is "season-ending" implies that, you know, Prior actually has a season to end in the first place. As the former phenom heads for the scalpel for what seems like the 167th time since 2004, about the only evidence he had a career in 2008 was some batting practice he threw in the Padres' extended training camp the first week of April. In fact, I'm not even sure he got to the towel-drill stage this year.

So what's the right way to describe Prior's latest surgery, which his agent is promising he'll try to come back from again?

Mark Prior's "Annual Donation to James Andrews' Yacht Upkeep Fund" surgery?

• The Cub Fans' "Annual Day To Remember When They Thought Prior Was Going To Be Thier Franchise Pitcher For The Next 15 Years Before Realizing That Person Was Actually Carlos Zambrano" process?

• The Twins' "Annual Time To Be Extremely Thankful They Selected Joe Mauer Even After They Were Roundly Mocked At The Time For Being Cheap" procedure?

Other suggestions?

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