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Warning: This is your last chance to see tomorrow's stars today

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Well, it's not going to be a golden sendoff into Olympic extinction for the U.S. baseball team. After losing to Cuba 10-2 in the Olympic semifinals last night this morning ah, who can keep track of it all any more (?), the Americans will have to face Japan for the bronze Saturday at 10:30 a.m. Hopefully they'll fare a little better against them than the softball team just did (not).

That's 10:30 Beijing time, by the way, so if I understand this right, you can cancel your Friday night plans and still have a humdinger of a time following the action on I can't say that I will unless it's DVRable, but I'm sure I'll end up kicking myself for not watching once a few guys on this team become stars in the bigs.

See, that's the great thing about Olympic baseball and also the part I'll miss the most. While international officials are still talking about the pipe dream of having MLBers participate if the sport is resurrected in 2016, I still prefer seeing the young guys before they're household names.

And you can be sure that some of these guys will become just that. I spent a good part of my time on Thursday night perusing every U.S. Olympic team roster that Seth Speaks put together back in '04.

Most oft-repeated line: "HE was on that team? HIM too?"

(By the way, how great are those pictures of Nomar and Giambino from the '92 Games? Giambi looks about 100 pounds lighter — not to mention also ready to beat up your teenage son.)

Anyway, if you have some Friday time to kill at work while watching this U.S. basketball game, check out those retro rosters on SS (or the condensed version at It's a fun way to pass the time ... not to mention a reminder of what we'll be missing now that baseball's death at the Olympics is only a few hours away.

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