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Want to bid on those pink bats? Better be patient

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Like many other Cubs fans, my first Internet stop this morning was cubs.com to see if the pink bat that Daryle Ward used for his two-run game-winning pinch-hit double was up for auction. While I figured I probably wouldn't have enough money to afford the final winning price, I thought it might be fun to place a bid for blogging purposes.

As I would soon read, Ward is leaning toward keeping the bat because it has personal meaning. But even if he was parting with it, I wouldn't have found it listed on mlb.com ... just as I wouldn't have found the pink bats that Carlos Beltran, Ryan Church and Ryan Braun, among others, used to have big games on Sunday.

If you visit MLB.com right now, you'll find just seven pink bats up for bid, with the signatures ranging from Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter to Robin Roberts of 'Good Morning America.' That's all fine and well, but where are the bats that were actually used?

Turns out that it takes a bit of time for the clubhouse managers to collect the equipment, have it authenticated and then sent to the league offices in New York. Then it takes a little while longer to get the memorabilia on the web. Paige Novack, an MLB spokesperson, told me we can expect to see the hardware up for bid in "about two weeks' time."

The lag doesn't hurt the amount of money raised, though. According to Novack, last year's Mother's Day auction saw 260 items (including bats, lineup cards and home plates) sold for a total of over $140,000.

Maybe that type of cash would convince Ward to give his up for bid. I know of at least one person who is interested and ready to flash a few e-Franklins (though it'll probably go for much, much more.)

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