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Wacky: Pitcher Sonny Gray fields line drive that bounces off first-base bag

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There's the luckiest man on the face of the Earth and then there's Kyle Seager of the Seattle Mariners. He hit a line drive Sunday afternoon about as hard as you can while still making an out — without it going directly into someone's glove. Seager's pea went 90 feet exactly — right to the first-base bag — bouncing perhaps 20 feet in the air and on a perfect trajectory toward right-hander Sonny Gray of the Oakland Athletics.

Gray was coming over to cover in case first baseman Daric Barton managed to field the ball on a hop, but instead he picked the ball out of the air and took the play himself to the bag. Gray ran through the base and bumped into umpire Jim Reynolds, who recovered and gave the "out," call, the second of the sixth inning.

Batter hits ball. Ball hits base. Pitcher catches ball. Pitcher hits umpire. Probably the wackiest 1-unnassited in recent major league history.

A's announcer Ray Fosse made the play even more confusing by saying, seemingly, that Seager was out as soon as Gray caught the ball — that if a ball hits off a base or the pitching rubber without otherwise touching the ground and the fielder catches the ball, the batter is out. He does say that, right? But the rubber and the bases are part of the ground (are they not?). So who knows what's up with Fosse? If he were catching and the ball bounced to him, would he just catch it and call it over?

Gray and the A's won 6-3, by the way.

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