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Vin Scully on radio — but not TV — for Dodgers playoffs

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Because the Major League Baseball's postseason will be shown exclusively on national television, fans won't have the pleasure of Vin Scully handling broadcasts for Los Angeles Dodgers games. But it's not all bad; Scully still be on the radio.

[Photos: Dodgers broadcaster Vin Scully through the years]

As he did in 2009 and other recent Dodgers playoff appearances, Scully will handle Dodgers radio for innings 1-3 and 7-9 (plus any extras, probably). Scully told ESPN Los Angeles that Charley Steiner and Dodgers great Rick Monday will handle the middle innings. It's a similar arrangement to what the Dodgers do on radio during the regular season, when Scully simulcasts the first three innings on TV and radio before Steiner and Monday take over on KLAC and the network:

MLB postseason games will air on TBS and Fox, but Scully said he has no plans to call any of the Dodgers games on television, even if they advance to the World Series.

"I'm just going to be on radio," Scully said. "I have no reason to be on TV. I don't deserve to be there. I'm not going to intrude on the fellas who have been working TV. No, no, I'm not going to go near TV."

The arrangement also presents a challenge many Scully fans happily will embrace: Synching his dulcet tones on the radio with the action on TV. It's especially tough when satellite delays come into play. No matter, it's the playoffs. You gotta do what you gotta do.

This also seems like a good moment to bring up the wish that many fans have: For Scully to do the World Series again on TV (regardless if the Dodgers are playing). Based on his age (86) and his comments, I just don't think we'll see it. Just be happy with Scully on the radio and then back for the regular season in 2014.

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