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Video: How the Marlins’ new retractable roof will work

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Remember when SkyDome first opened and everyone was all "Holy Henke, they've got a roof that opens and closes in Canada!"? Yeah, it pretty much blew all of our minds and the new park in Toronto was hailed as a technological and architectural wonder. {YSP:MORE}

Fast forward 22 years later and we need Louis CK to come along with a reality check because it seems we're no longer impressed that we can build a giant, moving roof over an even bigger structure in a bid to eradicate rain delays. Ballparks with retractable roofs can now also be found in Seattle, Milwaukee, Houston and Phoenix.

Clearly, the novelty has worn off for most of us. But I refuse to cease marveling! They've erected a new roof over the new Marlins Ballpark down in Miami and there's little doubt that the fifth-grade version of myself is off plotting how to unsuccessfully make a working version out of my spare Legos. (A reminder to fifth-grade me: It must be hurricane proof).

Thanks to the weather concerns in South Florida, the new roof is only 222 feet off the ground at its highest point. Check out how it works in this CNN Money video, which is cool in all aspects save for its refusal to allow embedding.

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