Two Red Sox fans give us a show as they duel for foul ball (Video)

Mike Oz
Big League Stew

Our ongoing examination of what baseball fans will do to take home a ball that was actually used on the field leads us to clip above from Wednesday's Boston Red Sox game. A foul ball rolls past a number of Red Sox fans as they reach out, hoping to claim the ball as their own.

Nobody smashed an elderly lady or broke a kid's heart here. Instead, they just made us laugh with this silly foul ball scramble. Look at all the hands flailing around disguised as hope.

Eventually, it came down to two guys, each trying to inch closer than the other. The gentleman in the red jacket gave his all, reaching again and again, even getting some help from his fellow fans. He put in more effort, but the guy a couple seats down was more cunning, tipping the ball to himself, grabbing it and going home the winner of this foul ball duel. 

This is a sharp contrast to the previous night's souvenir escapade at Fenway, where a fan made what is probably the most nonchalant catch of a ball we've ever seen. It bounced right to him, he didn't seem to care much and he passed it off to his left.

Somewhere, Nonchalant Foul Ball Guy watched these guys scramble for a ball with great joy. "Amateurs," he laughed to himself.

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