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Twins’ misery multiplies: Joe Mauer out with bilateral leg weakness

David Brown
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What in the gosh-darned heck is going on with the Minnesota Twins?

In the team's most-recent and potentially most-apocalyptic injury to date, they have placed Joe Mauer on the 15-day disabled list because of "bilateral leg weakness." Now, I'm not a catcher, nor a doctor, nor do I play either on TV, but weakness in both legs would seem quite detrimental to the art of catching.

We'll know more about Mauer's condition as soon as he sees a specialist, but his appointment has been delayed because of the flu. That's correct: Joe Mauer is also too sick to see a doctor right now.

Mauer is in the first season of a contract that will pay him $23 million a season for the rest of his life until 2018. He was batting .235/.289/.265 at the time of his injury.

That doesn't sound too good for the Twins, who are experiencing a series of injuries and other misfortunes, the likes of which can just ruin a baseball season. {YSP:MORE}

Starting second baseman Tsuyoshi Nishioka broke his leg and is out for a month or longer, and starting shortstop Alexi Casilla is not any good, so the team is being forced to consider a double-play combination of Luke Hughes at short and Michael Cuddyer at second.

Yes, Michael Cuddyer, the outfielder. And "Luke Hughes" might possibly be a name Mauer made up to fill out a roster in his MLB video game. The offense, which was supposed to be celebrating the return of Justin Morneau from a concussion, has produced a .601 OPS and a MLB-low three runs per game so far this season.

Then there's ace left-hander Francisco Liriano, who is not injured but also cannot get anyone out. The Twins are trying to get him to pitch to contact more, but therein lies a problem: A 9.42 ERA in three starts.

That the Twins have a 4-8 record is somewhat amazing, all things considered. But let's see what a more informed diagnosis of Mauer will reveal. As soon as feels up to seeing the doc, that is.

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